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Why You Can not Install file NPK in Mikrotik? Here’s reason

Why You Can not Install file NPK in Mikrotik? Here’s reason

Install file .npk in Mikrotik is one thing that should be known to the users of the Mikrotik. It is important to know because not all of the installation package that we need already installed in our Mikrotik devices. Call it user package manager, NTP Server, Capsman, LTE, etc. are examples of installation packages that have not been installed in the default system Mikrotik RouterOS. For that, we have to download the package file in mikrotik.com website and upload it to Mikrotik to perform the installation package.

What it mycotic .npk file?

File .npk Mikrotik is the installer file that is used to install certain packages to add features that are not available on the system default on Mikrotik RouterOS. Mikrotik .npk file is similar to an .apk files on Android, and its function is the same, namely to install the application (feature) specific. Well, this .npk file we need to add new features are not yet available.

How to Install Mikrotik .npk file?

To be able to install file .npk mikrotik, things to do are:
  1. Download the installer package .npk her in mikrotik.com/download
  2. Select the appropriate file type Mikrotik extra packages used
  3. Download and extract the zip file her to appear her .npk file
  4. Login to Mikrotik via Winbox Mikrotik
  5. Copy the file that you want to install .npk -> paste in the Files menu Winbox
  6. Wait until the upload is complete, then Restart (reboot) of its Mikrotik
  7. For more details please read our previous article here: How to Install and Settings User Manager Mikrotik

Already follow how to install the files .npk Mikrotik but why fail?

Many users Mikrotik ask, why on install file .npk Mikrotik always fail? Whereas .npk file has been successfully uploaded, but why how after the restart his Mikrotik npk files were still there in the Files menu and can not be installed? Can not install user manager Mikrotik, Failed to install package NTP.npk manual, etc. are examples of our success is not in the installation file .npk Mikrotik. So, to overcome this, let us consider together the reasons Why You Can not Install file NPK in Mikrotik .

There are several possibilities that could cause us to fail to install package files .npk Mikrotik , namely:

RouterOS version installed in Mikrotik not the same as the version of the file that is downloaded .npk
Can not Install file NPK in Mikrotik

It is most commonly experienced by users Mikrotik kabenyakan, due to errors in view RouterOS version and a version of its Extra Packages are on the page download proxy. If you Mikrotik RouterOS version is not the same as file version .npk who want to install, automatically file .npk it will not be installed.
Mikrotik RouterOS first update to the latest version. Extra Packages Then download the latest version of its the same with your RouterOS version. Copy the file to the Files menu .npk his Mikrotik and Reboot. Please check the menu System -> Packages, should file his own .npk be installed.

Architecture Type Processor Module Mikrotik RouterOS not accordance with its

Can not Install file NPK in Mikrotik

The purpose of the above sentence is there some type of processor architecture Mikrotik different, like MIPSBE, SMIPS, powerpc (PPC), X86, TILE, MIPSLE, ARM, MMIPS, etc. Well, each type of processor architecture were created specifically for Mikrotik RouterBoard certain types and each type can also dibuatikan certain RouterOS module, for example:

MIPSBE to: CRS, NETBOX, NetMetal, PowerBox, QRT, RB9xx, Hap, Hap ac, Hap ac lite, folders, RB4xx, Cap, Hex, WAP, BaseBox, DynaDish, RB2011, SXT, OmniTik, Groove, Metal, Sextant, RB7xx

SMIPS for: HAP lite

PowerPC (PPC) for: RB3xx, RB600, RB8xx, RB1xxx

TILE for: Cloud Core Router (CCR)

ARM for: RB3011

x86 for: RB230, Di installed on the computer (PC) x86

MIPSLE for: RB1xx, RB5xx, Crossroads

Well, what often happens is we download a file .npk not in accordance with the type of processor architecture Mikrotik her. For example, we want the user to install manager at Mikrotik RB750, but the Extra Packages that we downloaded from the TILE, whereas the type of architecture MIPSBE RB750. Although the version of the file .npk RouterOS with its own similar, but because it makes the installation process .npk file his own failure.
Can not Install file NPK in Mikrotik
First make sure your Mikrotik RouterBoard types, how to log into Winbox Mikrotik, Go to the menu System -> Resource . Then open the page www.mikrotik.com/download please select the package that suits your Mikrotik type of processor architecture. Then installed his .npk file.

Can not Install file NPK in Mikrotik

Wrong Location Upload File .npk Mikrotik

If we upload files .npk through the Winbox Files menu, there will be some folder / directory by default already exists or that of our own. Well, sometimes when click the paste button, the cursor is in one folder / directory. So .npk uploaded file is not in the root directory but in a subdirectory. This causes the .npk file could not be installed.
Make sure the cursor is in the root directory when pasting on Mikrotik Files menu. The same is true if we upload files via FTP . The point is not until we uploaded his files in subdirectories.
Can not Install file NPK in Mikrotik

Mikrotik RouterOS system of its own error or Corrupt

In some cases, RouterOS Mikrotik there is an error or corrupt, so it can not do the installation of new packages, even there he could not do the update version of RouterOS.
To try to do the Software Reset or Hard Reset. If not well managed, it could try to re-install it using the system RouterOS Netinstall. Please read this article:
How to Fix Mikrotik Frequently with Netinstall
I try to install files manually ntp.npk in Mikrotik Metal52ac with the appropriate package. The result .npk file is successfully installed successfully.
Can not Install file NPK in Mikrotik
Can not Install file NPK in Mikrotik

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