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Mikrotik Router Configuration

How to Configure Mikrotik DNS Server

Set Mikrotik DNS

How to Configure DNS Server Mikrotik – Maybe you’ve heard the term’s DNS servers. DNS (Domain Name System) server functions to map the hostname or domain web sites on the Internet to its IP address (an IP address into). For the record, computer networks (including the Internet) to communicate using …

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How to Access Mikrotik Router

How to access Mikrotik

Mikrotik learn: How to access Mikrotik Mikrotik devices can be accessed using a variety of media, and how to access Mikrotik it was different. There are four ways to access MikroTik Router , among others 1. Via Console / Command Mikrotik Mikrotik we can access directly via the console / …

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Mikrotik RouterOS Commands

Mikrotik Router OS Commands

Basic set of Commands Mikrotik RouterOS For those who are just learning to use Mikrotik must still confused with the command (command line) used in Mikrotik RouterOS. Though many basic commands Mikrotik important and must be known so that you can use Mikrotik RouterOS well. Actually, the basic commands MikroTik …

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