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WDS Connection in Mikrotik

Wireless AP WDS

Tutorial Make a WDS Connection in Mikrotik Basic Theory Wireless Distribution System (WDS) WDS (Wireless Distribution System) is a system that allows interconnection between the Access Point (AP). This system is used to extend the range of the wireless area, using multiple devices APs into a single entity, without building …

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Create a Mikrotik Hotspot Using EoIP Tunnel

Mikrotik EoIP

How to Create a Mikrotik Hotspot without Connect Directly to AP Using EoIP Tunnel How do I create a WiFi Hotspot Mikrotik where the Access Point (AP) it is not connected directly to its Mikrotik Hotspot Server? The question that comes to mind when trying to implement a WiFi Hotspot …

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Build Tunnel with EoIP in Mikrotik

EoIP in Mikrotik

Build Tunnel with EoIP in Mikrotik  In their spare time, we will continue with the previous post that  Build Tunnel with Mikrotik IPIP at  this time we will make Tunnel with EoIP.Ethernet over IP (EoIP)  Ethernet over Internet Protocol (EoIP), is a protocol in RouterOS that serves to build a  …

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Mikrotik Wireless Setting Point to Multi Point

Mikrotik Wireless Setting Point to Multi Point

Mikrotik Wireless Setting Point to Multi Point Welcome in this article I will discuss about setting point to multipoint, must have previously been friends already know the difference between point to point by point to multipoint, let me repeat again point to point means a point to point his opponent …

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Mikrotik Wireless Security System

Mikrotik Wireless Security

3 Layered Wireless Mikrotik Security System 3 Layered Security System Wireless Mikrotik – Security (security) is crucial and must be considered when we build a network, especially wireless networks. Because wireless networks can be seen, known, and is accessible to anyone. So should we implement certain security systems on this wireless …

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How to Make Mikrotik a Wireless Access Point

Mikrotik SXTG-2HnD

How to Make Mikrotik Become a Wireless Access Point Proxy as an Access Point can be used in the implementation of the Access Point for WiFi Hotspot or for regular. Access Point here means Mikrotik function is only used as an Access Point Wifi, without a process of routing and …

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Mikrotik Transparent Bridge for Hotspot

Mikrotik Transparent Bridge-

Transparent Bridge Mikrotik can be used to shoot / capture the WiFi signal from somewhere else with a certain distance. Development in this tutorial is on the use of both devices Mikrotik as Transparent Bridge Mikrotik. So there will be two transparent bridge proxy is used to connect the client …

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