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How to Access Mikrotik Router

Mikrotik learn: How to access Mikrotik

Mikrotik devices can be accessed using a variety of media, and how to access Mikrotik it was different. There are four ways to access MikroTik Router , among others

1. Via Console / Command Mikrotik
Mikrotik we can access directly via the console / shell and remote access using PuTTY (www.putty.nl). Do I just enter the IP address Host Name column Mikrotik to PuTTY.
How to access Mikrotik
Tips Command: “Take advantage of auto complete” (like bash auto complete in linux) Press the TAB key on the keyboard to find out / complete the list next command. So long command does not need to type it again, simply type in the beginning of the command, and then press the TAB-TAB then automatically Shell will display / complete the list of commands.
How to access Mikrotik
Download PuTTY Click Here
Just type IP Then and press TAB >>> >>> then automatically completes the shell will be the Ip Firewall. Then type “..” (two points) to go back to the top of the sub menu, and type “/” to return to the root menu.
2. Via Web Browser
Mikrotik can also \ access via web / port 80 on your browser. Example: type in your browser we Mikrotik IP:
How to access Mikrotik
3. Via Winbox
Mikrotik can also be accessed / remote use tool winbox (small windows utility which is very practical and fairly easy to use). Winbox is a tool to remotely Mikrotik most popular because apart easily can display menus on Mikrotik in the GUI. The initial view enable winbox like this
How to access Mikrotik
Winbox can detect mikrotik already installed origin is still in the network, namely by detecting the MAC address of ethernet installed in Mikrotik. To be able to access the proxy using winbox can use the IP Address or MAC Address Mikrotik Router.
How to access Mikrotik
Download Winbox Click Here .
4. Via Telnet
How to access Mikrotik
We are able to remote MikroTik use telnet over the application program “command prompt” (cmd) that exist on the windows which have enabled Telnet features. However, the use of telnet is not recommended in the network due to safety issues.
How to access Mikrotik
That was four ways of accessing Mikrotik.

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