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How to Install and Settings User Manager Mikrotik

How to Install and Settings User Manager Mikrotik

Mikrotik User Manager in very handy for the user management in Mikrotik, for example, a user on a hotspot.With User Manager, we can add, manage, and monitor user with ease. User Manager is an application management system within mikrotik which also serves as a radius server that can be used for:
  •  HotSpot users,
  •  PPP (PPTP / PPPoE) users,
  •  DHCP users,
  •  Wireless users,
  •  RouterOS users.
  • etc
Well, this time we will study Mikrotik challenge Mikrotik User Manager. You should know that not all Mikrotik RouterOS already installed features User Manager. So please check first whether the user package manager already installed on your Mikrotik anything yet. If do not mean to be installed first.

Tutorial How to Install and Settings User Manager Mikrotik

User Manager checks whether the package is installed in Mikrotik.
Open Winbox, enter the menu System -> Packages
If no user-manager on the list of packages means that the user manager has not been installed
Install Usermnager Mikrotik
You can also check with the manager user to access directly from the browser. Open access browser
For example:
If the feature is not installed User Manager will display the message Error code 404 Not Found.
Install Usermnager Mikrotik
If the feature User Manager Mikrotik you have not installed then you must install it. But first you have to upgrade your Mikrotik RouterOS according to the latest version on the web Mikrotik.com. Why should upgrade first? Because the user package manager we downloaded from the web mikrotik.com and its package only compatible with the latest RouterOS version that is in the download page Mikrotik. So to be safe first RouterOS please upgrade your proxy to the latest version. Please read the Tutorial How to Upgrade to the Latest Version RouterOS for more details 🙂
Furthermore you please go to page mikrotik.com/download. Select the type of your Mikrotik RouterBoard -> Select your Mikrotik RouterOS version -> Download All packages. For example, as shown below:
Install Usermnager Mikrotik
Extract the downloaded file -> file copy user-manager.npk
Install Usermnager Mikrotik
Open the Files menu on Winbox Mikrotik -> click menu paste -> make sure the user package manager appearing in the list and uploaded files in the root directory and not in a subdirectory.
Install Usermanager Mikrotik
Reboot (restart) to install Mikrotik user package manager automatically.
Please check again in the menu System -> Packages whether user package manager is installed anything yet.
Install Usermanager Mikrotik
If it appears in the list of packages, trying to access his manager user’s browser as before. Open the browser, access http://ipmikrotik /userman
Should the login page will appear Mikrotik User Manager.
Install Usermanager Mikrotik
For the login is the same as its default RouterOS login username: admin and no password. If you are already logged in user dashboard will display her manager:
Install Usermanager Mikrotik
Current User Manager Mikrotik already installed and ready for use. For those of you who are already in a hotspot Mikrotik his manager user can use the feature to facilitate user management.

Why User Manager Can not installed?

There are several possibilities that could cause us to fail to install Mikrotik User Manager. Please read the following article:
Reasons Why You Can not Install file NPK in Mikrotik

Okay so first Tutorial How To Install and Settings User Manager Mikrotik . To use the user manager at Hotspot Mikrotik Please read the following article:
How to Set User Manager with Mikrotik Hotspot

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