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How To Know Mikrotik Default Password

How To Know Mikrotik Default Password

Mikrotik Default Password is the original password (default) of the existing Mikrotik RouterOS when you just bought Mikrotik or after doing a reset on Mikrotik. If you buy a new Mikrotik, then to be able to login to his router system either via Winbox or other must use Mikrotik Default Password.

The same thing is true after you do Reset on Mikrotik, because after doing Reset Mikrotik then all the settings will return to Mikrotik Default Settings.

In Mikrotik Default Settings there is Mikrotik Default Username and Mikrotik Default Password needed to login. Well, then it is very important for us to know. Because if you do not know the default settings Mikrotik then we can not configure the Mikrotik.

Every Mikrotik device that is completely unmodified has the Default Settings as follows:

IP Address Default Mikrotik: on port ether1

Mikrotik Default Username:

Mikrotik Default Password:
(Empty / no password)

So if you want to login to Mikrotik via Winbox example like this:

Mikrotik Default Password

That is the default setting Mikrotik from Mikrotik Default IP Address, Mikrotik Default Password, and Mikrotik Default Username. You need to note after you can login using the default settings Mikrotik, make sure you change the default username and default password. How to see here: User Configuration and Username Mikrotik Router.
Hopefully this article useful 🙂

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