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How to Make Mikrotik a Wireless Access Point

How to Make Mikrotik Become a Wireless Access Point

Proxy as an Access Point can be used in the implementation of the Access Point for WiFi Hotspot or for regular. Access Point here means Mikrotik function is only used as an Access Point Wifi, without a process of routing and NAT in the proxy.
Well, this time I will be demonstrated using Mikrotik as an Access Point on the network Mikrotik Hotspot. Please see Figure Topology Hotspot Mikrotik following:
 Topology Mikrotik As Access Point
So there is a Hotspot Server that RB1100 that connect to the Access Point 2 pieces of different functions. Mikrotik RB951G-2HnD as a WiFi Hotspot Access Point, which is only used to transmit WiFi signals only, while the process of its routing and DHCP server are on RB1100.
Mikrotik RB951G-2HnD
For Mikrotik SXTG-2HnD used as an Access Point that is enabled for Wireless Point-to-Point to the next building. Just like RB951G-2HnD her, no one else besides routing and configuration as an Access Point only.
Mikrotik SXTG-2HnD
Well, now we start Tutorial How to Make Mikrotik Become Access Point:

Mikrotik RB951G-2HnD As Access Point WiFi Hotspot

1. Turn on the Mikrotik his RB951G-2HnD
2. Remote Winbox Mikrotik Mikrotik its use. Please Download Winbox first.
3. Here I assume ports that connect to Hotspot Server is ether 1.
4. Turn on (enable) interface wlan1 (wireless) it. Go to the menu wlan1 her, please setting mode AP Bridge -> SSID: Wireless signal insert his name (SSID) -> select the desired frequency -> the rest please set your own as needed -> OK
Setting Wireless MikrotikRB951G-2HnD
5. Go to the menu Bridge -> Create New Bridge -> Go to the Ports tab -> Add interface ether1 and wlan1 the newly created bridge.
Mikrotik RB951G-2HnD As Access point
6. If necessary, please give the IP address Mikrotik RB951G-2HnD ether1 its interface with the IP address of the IP segment with its Hotspot Server. It made so much easier when the remote Mikrotik it later. But not by IP was not the real problem, because its function is just as Access point forwards the connection of Hotspot Server (Router) to the client via Wireless. If not given an IP Address, I recommend enabling its features Romon so that it can be remotely run Mikrotik via MAC Address despite already passing one hop.
7. Up here mikrotik RB951G-2HnD can be used as an Access Point. Please try to connect to the SSID.

Mikrotik SXTG-2HnD as Access Point Wireless Point-to-Point

1. Basically settings for Mikrotik SXTG-2HnD as the AP for WiFI PtP almost the same as before. The point is to do the bridge interface and wlan1 Ether 1.
Setting Bridge Mikrotik SXTG-2HnD
2. For setting wireless point-to-point is also the same. But we can always change the mode from AP wireless Bridge Bridge so alone. Why are changed so Bridge? Since this function only as Point-to-point only, so there will only be 1 piece client / station that will be connected. And this bridge mode only allows one client who connect. This is to improve security as well, so that not just anyone can connect.
Setting Wireless Mikrotik SXTG-2HnD

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