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How to Monitor Mikrotik Network Using The Dude

How to Monitor Mikrotik Network Using The Dude

Monitor and monitor Mikrotik networks and other connected devices can be done easily using an application called The Dude. The Dude is a Mikrotik application that works to monitor computer networks with simple and easy.

The Dude can perform automatic scanning on all devices connected to a particular network subnet. The scanning result is a map of the network configuration that appears automatically. This network configuration map will describe the network condition whether it is up / down.

In addition, the dude can also display the transfer rate between devices in the network, so we can monitor the traffic that runs on our network in real-time with ease. What’s more, the dude can be used on devices other than Mikrotik.

The Dude can automatically identify the types of devices on the network by scanning services that are used by certain devices. For example, the dude scans Devices with open port 80, it will identify the device as a Web Server.

The Dude Version
The Dude there are several versions, ranging from the old to the latest. Old version ie version 3.6 and version 4.0beta3. While the new version follows the version of its RouterOS. For more details please see the following picture:

Monitor Mikrotik Network Using The Dude

In the old version of Dude (3.6 & 4.0beta3), there is only one .exe extension installer file that can be installed on all PC / server and can be used as Server and Client.

While on the new version of Dude, there are two types of installer files, namely the installer file The Dude Server extension. Npk that can be installed on Mikrotik CCR, CHR, x86 and RB3011.

Actually more practical and easy if we use the old version of The Dude, but now Mikrotik has not released the old version, and replace it with a new version, so we must have Mikrotik device first to enable the new version of Dude, except if using Mikrotik CHR.

How to Install The Dude version 3.6 & 4.0beta3

Okay, that’s enough explanation. Now we try How to Monitor and Monitor Mikrotik Network Using The Dude . The steps are as follows

1. Download The Dude here:
Download The Dude version 3.6
Download The Dude version 4.0beta3

2. Install the Dude app.

3. Open the application, will display the appearance of The Dude as shown below:

Monitor Mikrotik Network Using The Dude

Here is an example of a network map and data in the dude: 4. To start using it there are two ways:

Monitor Mikrotik Network Using The Dude

– Enter device data manually
– scan all devices on a particular network, device network data & maps will appear automatically (this option we will use)

5. Click the Discover menu -> Enter the address of the network subnet you want to scan. For example -> click Discover.

Monitor Mikrotik Network Using The Dude

6. All devices that are in a lit condition on the subnet will be opened by The Dude and will automatically form a network map of all the found devices, such as the following picture. (Sorry little sensor: D)

Monitor Mikrotik Network Using The Dude

7. From the picture can be known condition of each device, can also be known transfer rate between device (router).

8. To view detailed data on the scanning device, double-click on the device icon. We can change device data, such as changing name, IP address, username & password, etc.

Monitor Mikrotik Network Using The Dude

9. Status of equipment whether its network up, down or any service that timed out can be seen as the following picture: Color Description: – Green color = Network and equipment ok (up) – Red color = There is a network or equipment interruption (down)

Network Map

– orange color = There are services that are timed out, or in certain intervals occasionally timed out.

10. In addition to each tool there are also tools that we can use to analyze its status, as shown below:

The Dude Tools

11. In addition to scanning devices automatically, we can also manually add devices to the network maps. Click the + Device button.

Add Device manual

12. Enter the IP Address of the device, Enter Username & Password (if any) -> Next

Add IP Address

13. Click Discovery. The Dude will scan the service running on the device automatically -> Finish

Monitor Mikrotik Network Using The Dude

14. We can also connect this new device by adding links. Click the + Link button.

Add Link

15. Drag the icon between the devices you want to connect. Select Mastering type: Simple. The result will be like this:

Monitor Mikrotik Network Using The Dude

16. To be able to display traffic (Tx Rx) between the two devices, on the link you can choose Mastering Type: snmp or routeros. But not all devices support this feature. If both devices are Mikrotik routers, then the username and password on the device data must be filled and select routeros mode on the data and its links.

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