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How to Reset Mikrotik Router

Tutorial How to Reset Mikrotik

There are various reasons for us to reset the proxy. Starting from forgotten passwords (Password reset), to restore to its original state (default settings), to refresh the system. Well, for those of you who want to reset proxy, here are three ways to reset the proxy (Mikrotik Router). Please you consider

1. The first way
The first way is through the console or Winbox. entry into the console and perform commands
/ System reset
There will be a question of whether we want to reset, live answer Y (es) only. with the above command then Mikrotik Router we will set the default configuration usually given ether2 port dhcp ip
Sometimes the default configurations for even interfere with our setup for the future. My advice anyway discarded basic configuration. How to dispose of is that we’ve already reset the above manner, later on when we go through winbox no pop-ups if we are going to throw the initial configuration was or not. The second way so that when we reset did not make the initial configuration,

/ System reset-configuration no-default = yes

2. Both Ways
The second way is to press the reset button. Please find the reset button for each routerboard different place but there is usually a small hole in Mikrotik Routerboard and must be pierced using a tool because it can not directly with the finger, usually I use the tip of a pen to stab him, but be careful in stabbing not too strong because button is vulnerable. Slowly alone but feel the sound of “tik” because the keys are depressed. Many beginners are being hard pressed until the button is dislodged. How to reset is a reset button and do not swallow removed, continue to unplug and plug its power so Mikrotik  Routerboard on. wait a few minutes until the lights flickered. After the restart Mikrotik Routerboard.

How to Reset Mikrotik Router

  1. Unplug power.
  2. Press the reset button without removable, then plug its power cord into the condition of the reset button is pressed
  3. Wait until the lights stop flashing ACT
  4. Please check login with Winbox

How to Reset Mikrotik RB RB750 / RB951 / RB751

How to Reset Mikrotik Router

All RouterBOARD models today are equipped with holes reset jumper. Some devices may need to reset the opening of the casing, RB750 / RB951 / RB751 has a jumper hole under one of the rubber feet on its casing.
Using Close jumper with a metal screwdriver, and reboot for the configuration deleted.  
How to Reset Mikrotik Router
Note: For RB133 do not forget to remove the jumper after reset configurations, or your proxy will continue to reset each reboot.  
3. The Third Way
If the above does not work both ways, the third way is to be open and make jumpers chasing. Search pcb routerboard brass plate cut off as two half-circle facing. Just press with a screwdriver or other conductive object that both the semicircle connected.

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