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How to Upgrade Mikrotik RouterOS via Winbox

How to Update / Upgrade RouterOS via Winbox

How do I upgrade / update to the latest version Mikrotik RouterOS? This question will be discussed in this article. To upgrade the version RouterOS Mikrotik can be done in several ways, ranging from manual to semi-automated way.
How to manually upgrade RouterOS I’ve discussed in the following article:

For how to upgrade the proxy semi-automatic, we will discuss in this article.

But first, make sure you’ve Mikrotik device can connect to the Internet. Because we need internet access to download and save the latest RouterOS Mikrotik directly to her. Please read the following article:
How to Connect to the Internet Mikrotik

How to update / upgrade RouterOS semi-automatic is easy. This can be done via Winbox Mikrotik by accessing the menu System -> Packages .
Mikrotik Router Upgrade

Will appear RouterOS packages used and its version. Then click Check For Updates .

Checks on the column Installed Version and Latest Version is there a difference version.

Mikrotik Router Upgrade
If there is, please click Download & Install.
Mikrotik Router Upgrade
Wait until the download is complete. Further more Mikrotik will automatically upgrade and reboot automatically. After the reboot, make sure the upgrade package was already installed all.
Mikrotik Router Upgrade
Okay, so How to Update / Upgrade RouterOS Semi Automatic via Winbox . Please try and hopefully useful 🙂

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