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Mikrotik Bandwidth Test Tool and Method Usage

Mikrotik Bandwidth Test Tool and Method Usage

Mikrotik Bandwidth Test is one of the features in mikrotik that we can use to measure the bandwidth capacity of the proxy device. The point Mikrotik Bandwidth Test is used to test the bandwidth in Mikrotik.
Bandwidth test proxy can be used to measure the throughput to another MikroTik router (either wired or wireless), so it can be known how much bandwidth capacity between the Mikrotik devices.

How it Works Mikrotik Bandwidth Test

Mikrotik Bandwidth Test will generate traffic that can be sent to other devices via a connection line. This process is commonly called the Bandwidth test. A process consists of Bandwidth Bandwidth test test test client server and bandwidth. All versions can be used as a RouterOS Mikrotik Bandwidth Test Bandwidth test server or client.
It can be used between Mikrotik routers, bandwidth mikrotik test can also be used by the PC / laptop to measure the bandwidth to the proxy. This is useful when we want to know how big the bandwidth capacity of the link used from the client to the router Mikrotik.
For example, it is used on the network RT / RW net to measure the bandwidth of the customer to use the wifi router Mikrotik, so we know whether we have the bandwidth allocation in the proxy setting is correct or not. If the result of the bandwidth test is not in accordance with the settings, meaning there should be more checks on settings or there is a problem on its wireless network.
It was a bit of a preliminary picture of Bandwidth Test Mikrotik. Furthermore, we will discuss How to Use Bandwidth Test Mikrotik. Bandwidth proxy test consists of two parts, namely Bandwidth Test Bandwidth Test Server and Client.
Mikrotik Bandwidth Test Tool

Bandwidth Test Server Mikrotik

In RouterOS Mikrotik, Bandwidth test server feature is known as BTEST Server . We can Access its menu of Winbox on the menu Tools -> BTEST Server , or on a terminal in / tool BTEST server .
Mikrotik Bandwidth Test Tool
Its original settings (default) BTEST Server menu is already active, and can be directly used directly. So we no longer need to activate the feature BTEST its servers unless previously disabled.
We can also make your own settings on the Mikrotik Bandwidth Test Server. This setting can be done on a menu / tool BTEST server. There are several parameters that can be used.
1. Enabled : used to enable bandwidth test server on the router. If the position enabled = no (disabled) or not is checked (uncheck) it can not be done test bandwidth to the router.
2. Authenticate : As a regulator Award for Bandwidth test client authentication.
– Authenticate: yes (check), to be able to do a bandwidth test, Bandwidth Test Client must enter a username and password match the ones used to perform remote config Router BTEST Server.
– Authenticate: no (unchecked), Bandwidth Test Client does not need to enter your username and password to perform bandwidth test.
3. Max session : used to adjust the limitation of how Max session / connection bandwidth test which ran concurrently.

Bandwidth Test Client Mikrotik

To do mikroik bandwidth test to another, provided tool Bandwidth Test Client to Mikrotik. We can access the menu Tools -> Bandwidth Test or command in a terminal / tool bandwidth test
Mikrotik Bandwidth Test Tool
In this proxy client bandwidth test there are some parameters that can be set in the proxy bandwidth test.
1. Test To : is used to designate an IP address Router bandwidth test server.
2. Protocol : a protocol that will be used in a bandwidth test on the parameters of the protocol (tcp / udp)
3. Direction : used to determine the direction of the traffic. There are 3 options direction of the traffic that will be generated:
– Upload (send)
– Download (receive)
– Upload and download (both)
4. Local and Remote Tx Tx Speed Speed : used to determine the speed of the current transfer bandwidth test. Unit bps (bits per second).
5. Username and password : Adjust settings BTEST Server Router. If the Router BTEST server authenticate parameters: yes then enter the username and password you use for remote Router Mikrotik.

How to Use Bandwidth Test Mikrotik

To be able to use the bandwidth test proxy, make sure Mikrotik used as BTEST its server and client can communicate using the ip address. Try ping test its first inter-proxy, make sure it can. Next we try to test bandwidth between devices mikrotik.
Mikrotik Bandwidth Test Tool
Fill parameters Test to the IP Address BTEST Server, select the type of protocol and the direction her. Do not forget to fill in your username and password Router Mikrotik opponent (BTEST Server). Parameter Local and Remote Tx Tx Speed Speed can be filled with how much traffic will be generated to measure its bandwidth capacity.
If this parameter is not filled, then the bandwidth test will generate traffic with maximum speeds in accordance with local values and Remote Tx his speed link.
Meanwhile, if the value of both are not specified then the router will attempt to generate traffic to limit the ability of the device or the maximum traffic that can be passed on the link.
Here are a few examples of the results of the test bandwidth link between routers Mikrotik with 1000 Mbps (1Gbps)
Mikrotik Bandwidth Test Tool
Noteworthy on the use Mikrotik Test Bandwidth is bandwidth test this takes a lot of resources, especially CPU resources.
Mikrotik Bandwidth Test Tool
According to Wiki Mikrotik, Mikrotik Bandwidth test uses only a single core CPU, and the results of his test will achieve the maximum CPU resource if it has reached 100%. Can be seen in the picture above, I try to test the Router Mikrotik RB1100 via 1Gbps link. Bandwidth test results up only 818.7 Mbps, up to a maximum CPU load because it is fixed 100%.
Mikrotik Bandwidth Test Tool
Another example I try to Mikrotik CRS125-24-1S with 1Gbps link is the same, but in the picture above was not until the CPU usage reaches a maximum of only 69%, but why the test result was not up to a maximum of 1 Gbps?
Mikrotik Bandwidth Test Tool
The answer is because the router CPU resources of his opponent was stuck at 100%. So the result of the bandwidth test is not optimal. Keep in mind that not all types of Mikrotik able to handle traffic generated 1Gbps, so need to be checked also Mikrotik CPU resources when we try bandwidth test.
Bandwidth Test Session Mikrotik
Therefore, it is advisable not to perform some tests to one mikrotik bandwidth simultaneously. To limit how many sessions that can be used to test the bandwidth at the same time we can use the parameter Max Session. If we set max session = 2, the number of sessions / connections test bandwidth that can run concurrently only 2 connections.

Bandwidth Test Mikrotik from the client (PC / Laptop)

In addition to test bandwidth between devices Mikrotik, we can also do a bandwidth test directly from the PC / laptop using btest.exe applications that can be downloaded on the download page mikrotik.com. Please download the application btest.exe first open the app and enter the same parameters as when test between routers.
For example, I try to test the bandwidth of the laptop to Mikrotik RB 951UI-2HnD via link Wireless N 150 Mbps. The test result is as follows:
 Mikrotik Bandwidth Test
You can try to check the bandwidth Mikrotik with your own scenario. Can be tried between Mikrotik, or if his mikroitk there is only one, you can use a PC / Laptop to perform this test bandwidth.

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