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Mikrotik Setting Speedy Bridge Indihome

Mikrotik Setting Speedy Bridge Indihome

PPPoE dial Indihome and Speedy in Mikrotik has its own advantages of dial directly from its telecom modem. As we all know, if we both Internet subscription from Telkom Speedy and Indihome, we will be given a modem with the brand Huawei, TP-Link, or ZTE to dial PPPoE Client connection (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet). Some of the benefits indihome dial ppp and speedy in Mikrotik which could add firewall and thus more secure from hackers and attacks the net cut , Mikrotik can remotely via the Internet, and user management easier connection and many other features that we can use in Mikrotik.
On Mikrotik Tutorial this time I demonstrated using modem indihome GPON ZTE F660 or F609 , and Modem Huawei GPON HG8245A . So before we set his proxy, we must first of its modem settings in order to bridge the Mikrotik.

Setting Bridge Modem Indihome ZTE F660 and F609

1. Previously, we need to know that the GPON Modem ZTE’s F660 and F609 indihome its default setup can not bridge because there is no configuration on the side of the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) it. For setting the bridge of his modem must be coordinated with the Telkom, so that its technicians to configure the bridge to the Optical Line Terminal (OLT).
2. If you have the setting bridge, we stayed in port check where his bridge. You do this by connecting to a laptop / PC and try PPPoE dial it from your laptop / PC. Port that can be used to dial that is already set Bridge.
3. Next, turn off the DHCP server on the bridge port in order to do dial in his Mikrotik Router. Go to the menu Network – LAN – DHCP port service , provide a check on the LAN that is configured as a bridge -> click Submit.
Setting Bridge Modem GPON ZTE
4. Now Indihome GPON Modem ZTE ZTE F660 or F609 has been bridged and can dial in Mikrotik PPPoE.

Setting Bridge Modem Huawei Indihome HG8245A

1. Setting Indihome bridge Modem Huawei HG8245A easier than ZTE F660, because it does not need any help setting from the telecoms side OLT. We can directly set in the ONT side directly on his modem.
2. Login to your modem Huawei Indihome HG8245A, could
Username: telecomadmin
Password: admintelecom
Username & Password Modem GPON Huawei HG8245A
3. Go to the tab WAN -> Select INTERNET_B_xxx -> in WAN mode Select Bridge WAN -> At the option of binding options select the LAN port that is used, for Example LAN3 -> click Apply -> Restart Modem her.
Setting Bridge Modem GPON Huawei HG8245A
4. Up here we’ve made a bridge Modem Huawei GPON HG8245A Indihome on LAN3 port.
Well, now we go to his Mikrotik configuration. Here I demonstrated using Mikrotik RB951G-2HnD. The bottom line is tantamount to Mikrotik setingannya more, if you use the RB750 or another is also not a problem.

Setting Mikrotik Speedy Bridge Indihome

1. Connect your modem Mikrotik with his Indihome GPON using a LAN cable. Please plug in the modem port 3 and port regardless in Mikrotik eg port 1.
2. Login to use Winbox Mikrotik Mikrotik. Please download Mikrotik Winbox first if you have not got.
3. Add the PPPoE Client interface, either through the menu Interface or PPP. On the tab General , give its name in the column interface Name -> Select Interface that connect to a modem, for example ether 1
Mikrotik Interface PPPoE
Go to the tab Dial Out : Enter your username and password in the fields indihome his speedy User and Password -> Click OK
Mikrotik Interface PPPoE
4. Create a rule Firewall NAT Masquerade. Go to the menu IP -> Firewall -> Go to the tab NAT -> add a new rule -> Chain select srcnat -> Out Interface select its ppp interface
Mikrotik Interface PPPoE
Go to the tab Action , in the column Action select masquerade -> OK
NAT Masquerade Mikrotik

5. Then Mikrotik its DNS settings. Please read here: How to Configure DNS Server Mikrotik

6. After its DNS settings, we try ping from his Mikrotik Terminal. Should have been able to reply.

Ping Command in Mikrotik
7. If you can not, try to check his running pppoe ga, and IP address what he can not. Check the menu to IP -> Address. Also check its routing in IP -> Route, make sure there is a routing table to and its gateway IP gateway from her ppp.
8. We can add other configurations, such as bandwidth management, firewall, or create Hotspot Mikrotik can too. Feel free to develop their own.
Quite so first Mikrotik Tutorial on How to Set Bridge Modem Indihome ZTE F660 and F609, Setting Bridge Modem Huawei Indihome HG8245A, and Setting Mikrotik Speedy Bridge Indihome. Please you try and apply on your Speedy Indihome Modem.

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