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Mikrotik Setting Speedy Bridge Indihome

Ping Command in Mikrotik

Mikrotik Setting Speedy Bridge Indihome PPPoE dial Indihome and Speedy in Mikrotik has its own advantages of dial directly from its telecom modem. As we all know, if we both Internet subscription from Telkom Speedy and Indihome, we will be given a modem with the brand Huawei, TP-Link, or ZTE …

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Mikrotik Transparent Bridge for Hotspot

Mikrotik Transparent Bridge-

Transparent Bridge Mikrotik can be used to shoot / capture the WiFi signal from somewhere else with a certain distance. Development in this tutorial is on the use of both devices Mikrotik as Transparent Bridge Mikrotik. So there will be two transparent bridge proxy is used to connect the client …

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